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Medical Device Regulation
This is a healthcare certification masterclass that has been designed to help individuals build up a solid and a comprehensive framework in the med...
Quality Pharmacovigilance Training Courses The Quality Pharmacovigilance course is unique in its approach, providing trainees with access to 19 yea...
This course is designed to help each student to gain Knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the framework of the intellectual property rights...
10 Lectures
Pharmacovigilance (PV) is a discipline that is mainly concerned with the safety of pharmaceuticals. Due to the increasing need for new drugs, pharm...
14 Lectures
The GCC Regulatory Affairs (RA) Course is a healthcare certification, which educates young science and pharmaceutical graduates about the latest re...
18 Lectures
COURSE DESCRIPTION This Course is designed to help pharmacists to successfully pass the pharmacy licensing exams (HAAD, DHA, and MOH) in the UAE. T...
21 Lectures



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Our main target is to “Developing Yourself as a Leader”

The upcoming budget for the Chicago Public Schools will rely on $500 million in yet-to-be-enacted pension savings by Illinois, school officials said on Monday.

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Body Cameras on Public-School Educators

Some of can’t rely on stable worlds economic, so learn, learn and learn everything new, this will help you anytime, dont be upset, believe yourself even in dark times!

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US Teens Win International Rocketry Challenge

Throughout the United States, police officers are beginning to wear body cameras. Should principals in America’s public-school systems follow their example?

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