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Pharmacy Licensing Exams Preparation – Prometric Exam (GCC)

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Enrolled: 18 students
Duration: 10 week
Lectures: 1
Video: 1 hour
Level: Beginner



This Course is designed to help pharmacists to successfully pass the pharmacy licensing exams (HAAD, DHA, and MOH) in the UAE. The course will provide a review and refreshment of the diverse pharmaceutical information related to the exam topics. The review of the exam material will be through presentations followed by questions from previous exams. A comprehensive revision will be conducted during a series of sessions.
Candidates of the course: this course is directed toward pharmacists who seek to get the pharmacy practice license in the UAE


  • A brief review of the topics involved in the exam
  • Discussion of the important pharmaceutical information included in the exam
  • Discussion of a wide variety of questions available from previous exams
  • A well guidance on the perfect way of exam preparation


  • Clinical terminolog
  • Pharmacological and therapeutic information
  • Pharmacokinetics and dosage forms
  • Pharmaceutical calculation
  • Discussion of MCQ questions

Duration of the course

The course will be carried out over one month period, 3 sessions each week with 4 hours for each session. The session will contain an overview of medications used for disorders of each system followed by a discussion of sequence of MCQs available from previous exams.

Session 1 : A general introduction to the pharmacological terms and drugs interactions

Summary of the pharmaceutical dosage forms

Session 2 : Overview of medications used for cardiovascular diseases

Session 3 : Overview of medications used for CNS diseases

Session 4 : Overview of medications used for endocrine


and urological disorders

Session 5 : Overview of medications used for respiratory system.

Session 6 : Overview of medications used for gastrointestinal diseases and antimicrobial agents

Session 7 : Overview of medications used for cancer and immune-system.

Session 8 : Overview of medications used for blood disorders.

Session 9 : Overview of medications used for inflammatory disorders

anaesthesia and pain relief

Session 10: Drugs used during pregnancy and breastfeeding poisoning and drug overdose.

Session 11: Calculations and revision.